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Create an Equal Playing Field for Women’s Effective Economic Empowerment

With changing times, women have increasingly taken on the breadwinning role which was originally known to be a male role. Women especially single mothers, widows, women with disabilities, have found themselves having to juggle running their homes, parenthood, marriage and career both financially and socially. Despite the double roles, women face a high discrimination rate in the economic sector and access to resources. 

Who will protect the woman from sexual harassment?

In a male dominated society that has its roots in culture; sexual harassment has flourished over the years. It is common place to have a woman screamed at with obscenities when walking in a market place or even simply taking a stroll in the evening.

Women have joined forces with willing men to fight the vice by coming up with policies, advocate for gender equality and though the progress has been slow, it has been there nevertheless.

Celebrating Males and Positive Masculinities

Every year on 8th March, the world over commemorates International Women’s day. This day is not just to celebrate women but to take stock of women and girls’ economic, social and political transformations in society and pave a way forward on how to hasten gender equality and women’s empowerment for sustainable development (SDGs) particularly Goal 5 on gender equality, using available mechanisms including policies and programs.

Who is a woman? Guest Blog by Tumusiime Deo

Kampala, Uganda, 19.3.2018: It’s Monday morning, exactly 8.24am, and a song plays on Sanyu FM. The song goes like, “My woman is my property”. Hmmmm! And you find multitudes miming the song and dancing to the tunes like this, and living according to the message. But do we really ever take a moment to reflect deeply about some of these things or we simply take them for granted?

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