CEDOVIP: Violent Free Relationship is My Right



Project Duration: 2017 

The SWGS in collaboration with CEDOVIP established a working relationship centering a framework to challenge violence at institutions of higher learning. Specifically School of Women and Gender Studies is targeting violence at Makerere University and its neighborhood. 

CEDOVIP is a Civil Society Organization that works with communities, institutions, civil society and the government, to promote the rights of women and girls so as to create safer, healthier, and happier relationships, homes and communities through changing attitudes, behavior, and practices that perpetuate Gender Based Violence (GBV).
GBV specific crimes are so rampant, peculiar and are widely tolerated. Often the victims are re-victimized and not protected socially and legally leading to impunity and repeated offences. This is evidence at Makerere Uuniversity and the neighboring hostels. For example sex for marks continues unabated, intimate Partner Violence such as control and extensive jealousy from male partners, battering, rape and sexual harassment are very common. More recently, the media has reported crimes related to domestic violence and sexual violence that have happened around different universities leading to death, body injuries among others. Some of the recent cases are that of Brenda Nakyejju who jumped out of the window at Mitchell hall to escape rape (Red paper; April 22nd 2017 page 21) and Enid Twijukye a University student who was strangled to death by her lover (The New Vision: February 2nd 2017 page 2). 

Despite the depth of the problem, students lack adequate information on GBV - what it is, its dangers, root cause, other contributing factors and how to support those experiencing violence. It is thus crucial that CEDOVIP works with University stakeholders to create an enabling environment to prevent Violence Against Women and Girls  in institutions of higher learning. Such complex, yet socially tolerated social problems demand concerted and holistic approaches hence the teaming up of civil society (CEDOVIP) with academic institutions (SWGS) to challenge the practice. 

The program is coordinated by Dr. Victoria Namuggala.