Gender Statistics Programme

Funders: UN Women, DFID

Implementers: School of Women and Gender Studies and Uganda Bureau of Statistics


Project Synopsis

Project Duration: 2015 - 2018

SWGS in collaboration with Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) with funding from UN Women are implementing a project aimed at advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women in Uganda. The programme is run by a taskforce composed of members from the School, Uganda Bureau of Statistics and UN Women. 

One of the project outputs was the launch of the National Priority Gender Equality Indicators launched in November 2016. The report highlights the 16 critical gender inequalities faced by women in the quest for attaining gender equality and equity in line with SDGs and Vision 2040. The report can be accessed here 

The Taskforce reentry launched the Annual Gender Statistics Forum (AGSF) as part of the wider program for institutionalising gender statistics and promotion of gender equality. The forum is an annual event and its main objective is to promote use of National Priority Gender Equality Indicators (NPGEIs) and increase overall demand for gender statistics to inform policy and programing for gender equality.  

The project is coordinated by Prof. Grace Bantebya