MAK-RIF Grants to respond to COVID-19

Funder: The Government of Uganda and Makerere University

Project Duration: 6 months, since May 26th 2020


  1. Men and Gender Based Violence: Changing Masculinities for Effective COVID 19 Social Response in Uganda, by Associate Prof. Josephine Ahikire and Dr. Amon Ashaba Mwiine

  2. Promoting Uptake of Recommended Public Health Practices for Prevention of COVID-19 among Refugee Communities in Northern Uganda, by Dr. Catherine Pauline Anena

  3. Public sensitization on Virtual learning adoptability as a tool to boost Post-Covid 19 Education system in Uganda, by Dr. Peace Musiimenta

Project Synopsis

The projects aim to determine how COVID-19 unfolds in the unique settings of Uganda, and to develop innovative approaches to address the pandemic.