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University Wide Cross-Cutting Course: Introduction to Gender

Beginning academic year 2010/2011 the School of Women and Gender Studies scaled up the gender discipline across all academic units. The course is examinable with four credit units.

Course Description

The course introduces students to key concepts in the study of gender. The major focus is on explaining gender and development linkages and the central issues in relation to the construction of masculinity and femininity, and the understanding of how these change over time and space. Specifically the course deals with the historical evolution of the concepts and their significance in the development process. The course provides students with the foundation for understanding the origins of feminist thought and its centrality to the  subject of Gender and Development (GAD) and its application to their specific disciplines.

Overall Objective of the Course

The main aim of enabling all students to appreciate, acquire and apply gender knowledge and skills in their respective disciplines and beyond.

Specific Objectives of this Course

  • To enable students appreciate the significance of gender in relation to their specific disciplines.
  • To equip students with knowledge and skills for gender analysis.
  • To enable students apply gender knowledge and skills to their area of study, work and life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gender-aware students.
  • Students with ability to define explain and differentiate gender concepts.
  • Students with ability to integrate gender in their academic work (such as course works, research projects, internship), professional work and life.

Course Structure and Contact Hours

The course has a total of four contact hours per week, amounting to a total of 60 contact hours per Semester.  The mode of delivery will be through lectures, discussions and practicum.  Students are required to do at least two course works/tests accounting for 40% and final exam accounting for 60%. Students will be required to do class exercises from time to time, which shall also   contribute to the final grade. The course will be four credit units.

Contact Hours

20 15 10 45 3

Course Modules

Module One: The rationale for gender (8 HRS)

  • Introduction to the course
  • Why gender?
  • Historical evolution of  Gender as an area of study

Module Two: Understanding Gender (16 HRS)

  • Gender Concepts
  • The distinction between sex and gender
  • The meaning of gender relations, equality and inequality
  • Gender in the lived world
  • Patriarchy
  • Masculinity and femininity

Module Three: Explanations for Gender Difference (16 HRS)

  • Functionalism
  • Socio-biology /Biological determinism
  • Feminist Theory

Module Four: Tools for Gender Analysis (16 HRS)

  • Access to and Control of Resources
  • Gender Roles Framework
  • Institutional Analysis Framework
  • Empowerment Framework

Module Five: Practicum (4 HRS)
Practical project to enhance gender analytical skills.